My work


I believe a handmade instrument should have a soul. It should give more energy than you put into it. It should deliver inspiration to it’s owner and emotions to the audience.

My method of violin making is based on the Old Cremonese tradition, but the rich, vibrant sound and smooth and energetic response is something very personal that I’ve developed over the years. To get all the technical details perfect is just one part of the work – the real voice of the instrument is shaped by many desicions during the building process.

From the choice of wood, the model, the shape of the arching, the thickness of top and back, the varnish materials and procedure, to the setup Рeverything has an influence on the sound and feel of the violin or viola. I fine-tune every detail to reach my goal: a violin/viola that is resonant and willing to sound, and that will react perfectly in every position with a voice that can express every nuance that is demanded of a soloist class instrument.