Kloo Violin opus 53, sold

The opus 53 was made in 2004 for an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and sold the same year to a musician in the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra in Sweden. In December 2014 she bought one of my more recent violins, and I took opus 53 back as a trade-in. After some adjustments and varnish work it’s now for sale in my studio in France.

This violin is based on late Guarneri del Gesùs. It has a deep, rich tone and an immediate response, due to it’s sensitivity and willingness to resonate, and it has a huge dynamic range and excellent playability in all positions. Definitely a violin for you who seek an instrument with characteristics typical of a fine old Cremonese, but at a fraction of the cost.  Price:  €14,000   SOLD to a musician in Swedennr 53 front53an 2004 003

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