Concert quality violins & violas

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The Kloo Sound

You will notice when you play a Kloo violin or viola, that it has a very balanced sound: full but also clear, warm but also crisp.  The sensitivity and dynamics of the instrument makes it possible to access a wide range of tone colours, even in pianissimo or fortissimo passages, and in high positions. The complex and detailed sound makes your vibrato and bowing techniques worthwile and effective – the instrument will help you in creating an expressive voice. That voice will also fill a large hall and make your performance convincing.

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“I make violins and violas for professional musicians and advanced students, with emphasis on perfect playability and response, as well as a broad, full and expessive sound,”

If you want to learn more about my instruments, and perhaps try one, you’re welcome to send me a message from the “contact” page on this site. You can also get in touch with: in Copenhagen, in Cologne. in Vienna.

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