Kloo Violin opus 66 on sale in Béziers

The Kloo Violin opus 66 is now for sale in Béziers, France. 

It’s the only Kloo violin that I have left for sale in my shop at the moment, and I’ve decided to offer it at a 25% price reduction until the 30th of November 2019.

The price is now €10,500

This violin is modelled after Stradivari instruments like the “Dolphin” of 1716, though it has birdseye maple back, sides and neck, which I don’t think Stradivari ever used.

Its voice is powerful with a broad sound palette, both profound and brilliant, and both open and singable/malleable, with a lot of carrying power.

It’s a great soloist violin but can also be a fantastic for chamber music because it’s very sensitive and responsive with great dynamics.

Here is a video about opus 66 with a sound sample played by Lelie Cristea from Cologne: